Are you using the Internet
to grow your business?

It's a fact that nearly 80% of smaller companies have a website that does little or nothing for their business. When over 60% of the population carry a computer in their pocket, what better way to communicate with potential or existing customers. With over 40 years of business experience, we can help you understand and embrace the power of the Internet, without jargon and at a price you can afford.


Help when you need it

Few smaller businesses today can honestly afford to sit back and say they couldn’t do with a bit of help. But typically help doesn’t come cheaply!
Most reasonable marketing agencies inevitably cost thousands of pounds and how many businesses can justify that kind of expense.
David Smerdon Marketing Services offer help at very affordable prices.

Our clients and costs

Most of our clients are smaller businesses working on tight budgets and timescales.
There are no hidden costs or extras, the price you are quoted up front is the price you will pay, and we can offer some exceptional value packages to suit most smaller business situations.
We can offer websites at a fraction of the cost of a typical web design house, with features that will truly stagger you in terms of value.

And there’s more...

We can help you set up Domain Names, Email addresses, Hosting and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
Also Email marketing which can be so cost effective, either on its own or combined with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
In addition we can assist you with your print requirements, from designing simple high impact flyers, right up to a full re-branding of your business

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